Sector Experience

Our portfolio includes commercial, residential, educational, hospitality, and other institutional facilities. We have a comprehensive understanding of the entire development process, from project management and financial planning to construction product selection and site supervision.

We are also well-versed in sustainability and green building practices, using our expertise to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

We strive to stay ahead of industry trends, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with each architectural project.


Our company specialises in the design of residential buildings, ranging from detached single-family homes to high-rise towers.

We understand the unique needs and requirements of developers, and we strive to create unique and comfortable spaces that meet or exceed the expectations of both developers and end users.

Our designs take into account all relevant factors, including environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, cost management, and local regulations.

Additionally, our experience has enabled us to gain expert knowledge in the design of complex structures and innovative solutions. With our creative and technical skills, we can create custom solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of each project


This type of development allows for a seamless transition between residential, commercial, hospitality, and other public uses.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing and functional composition that provides a multitude of benefits to the community. With our expertise, we are confident that we can create unique and vibrant projects, tailored to meet the exact needs of all involved stakeholders.

By carefully considering the different components of the project, we create synergies and maximise the benefits of unexpected functional adjacencies.


Through thorough research and data analysis, we create a comprehensive design that considers the site's historical context, current conditions, as well as any potential issues that may arise during the development process.

With our expertise, we are confident we can provide you with a grand vision that will exceed even your highest expectations.


We create a welcoming and warm environment for guests, and visitors, and are mindful of the importance of providing comfort and convenience for guests.

We strive to make that guests feel special and to give everyone a pleasant and accommodating experience.

We believe in creating an atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves, and design spaces accordingly.t

Industrial Design

Our company also specialises in industrial building design. Our designs consider all relevant factors, including fire safety, security protocols, energy efficiency, and space optimisation.

By leveraging the latest technologies and materials, we can create structures that meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and sustainability.

We also use our experience and insight to find innovative solutions that add value to our clients and their projects. With our commitment to excellence, we can ensure that all industrial building designs exceed expectations.


Our experience and expertise enable us to develop comprehensive plans for airports of all sizes and functions. We understand the complexities associated with airport planning, from identifying and integrating various components to developing strategies that consider local regulations, financial considerations, and sustainability measures.

We use our expert knowledge to ensure that all elements of the project are addressed, from runway design and airspace safety considerations to passenger experience and economic factors. With our expertise and experience, we are confident that we can develop a suitable masterplan for any airport.

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  • Erzsébet boulevard 40-42. GF-6
  • Budapest, 1073
  • Hungary, EU

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  • Registered name:    Quintus Design Kft.
  • Registration number: 01-09-346929
  • VAT number:           27053771-2-42
  • EU tax number:        HU27053771
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