The 31,7 hectares of land designated for the facilities of the planning programme are located between Lake Tüskésréti and and its immediate surroundings and the flat land to the north. Its proximity to the city centre and its already well-managed environment, Tüskésrét is a popular destination for Pécs residents from spring to autumn. recreational and leisure sports area. A drainage ditch runs through the development area to the lake the northern end of the pond in a north-south direction through the primary planning area and the northern boundary of the primary planning area in an east-west direction.

One function of the ditch is to serve as the overflow of the lake and to maintain the groundwater level in the area above the lake, therefore the the role of the ditch, as a water catchment line, should be retained and its alignment should be adapted to the development plan to be adapted to the development plan. In order to ensure access and exploration of the site, the north-south the new urban main road to the north, its regulatory width and the associated and the planned cycle route and other transport, forestry and water management water and water areas have been taken into account and have not been changed. The planned north-south route main road, which will connect to the Tüskésrét road and the new 2x2 lane will be connected to the new 2x2 traffic congestion relief road, and will serve as a the planned sports and recreation investments in Tüskésrét with an adequate number of vehicles, bicycle and pedestrian access.

The key elements of the functional programme are the Aquapark, the swimming pool, the multi-functional and the hotel, as well as the Tüskésrét lake and the listed facilities and the public spaces surrounding these facilities. The four facilities have been designed to be implemented in a phased manner and to be able to operate and be used independently once completed.

The planning area is divided into two parts. The primary planning area is a collection of land owned by the municipality to the north of the existing leisure park facilities, on which the planned uses are located. The secondary planning area is a group of undeveloped plots to the north of the primary planning area, together with the Spiked Lake and the area surrounding it, for which additional proposals have been made.

The planning area is not directly or indirectly linked to the settlement structure the lake is the only element of connection. Accordingly, it is self-contained, central transport and settlement system, which is dominated by characterising this large-scale urban development. The Hotel and the Aquapark are the are located on the north-south axis of the site, with the Sports Complex to the east of the axis, the the Events Hall is to the west of the axis. The area between the buildings is 800 surface car parking for 800 cars, with pedestrian and and green areas.

Openings will be made in the slab in order to accommodate trees with having significant roots at the ground level. The contiguous car park will satisfy the needs of the four facilities parking for all four facilities and to meet the surge in demand, and the parking needs of users of public spaces.


The functional and spatial layout of the buildings can be seen from the drawings. For the car park directly connected to the car park (Sports Hall, Multifunctional Events Hall, Hotel) have in common that the ground floor and the first floor are also accessible from the opposite direction. public access. Their economic access from the boulevard is on the ground floor are provided from the ground floor. The Sports Hall pool level and the Multifunctional of the Multifunctional Events Hall is at the level of the adjacent ground floor. The high groundwater level the basement level of none of the buildings.

The Aquapark is a phased development, with a total area of 6-7 hectares, 50% of which will be built in Phase I and 50% in Phase II. For Phase II will be used as landscaped green areas until it is needed. The facility is designed to accommodate 1 000 visitors per day in high season and 500 in winter. A public spaces and their accompanying functions, indoor and outdoor catering and retail catering and retail outlets, as well as changing rooms and wet rooms, are sized accordingly, with particular attention to and multi-generational families. For the operation and plumbing systems are also designed to meet the needs of the visitor. and water surface area.

The planned Aquapark - as a "complex aquatic playground" - will be a "playground" for the traditional beach bathing the provision of traditional waterpark services ∗ the quantity and variety of experience elements for a wide target group of visitors all-day recreation ∗ the architectural design of the built environment and the open-air space offers a close-to-nature experience ∗ provides a rational use of space for families, including the various the specific needs of different age groups in separate and safe micro-environment ∗ by choosing the right scale of indoor facilities and the right mix of experience elements allowing for four-season operation by means of a proportional installation of the features

The planned sports pool is suitable for international swimming competitions, water polo and other water sports The competition pool will have a 1000-seat grandstand with 600 fixed seats and 400 mobile seats. The "dry" and "wet" areas are separated by are independent of each other and free of intersections. The water areas of the sports pool:
∗ 50x25 m competition pool
∗ 25x25 m warm-up pool
∗ 12,5x6 m training pool - 2 pools
∗ children's pool

The planned multifunctional sports and events hall is suitable for international sporting events (mainly handball, basketball, volleyball and indoor football competitions) and occasional public, economic, leisure and sporting events, exhibitions and fairs. The hall measures 80x40 m, 40x20 m, with a clear ceiling of 12,5 m and a seating capacity of 3 500 + 1500 mobile seats.

The hotel is proposed as a high-rise building, in order to enjoy the panorama, and to ensure a striking vertical accent for the new district from a distance. A ground floor + mezzanine + 20 storeys + roof level ground floor + 1 storey side wings. A covered bridge over the mezzanine level of the hotel will provide pedestrian with the Aquapark main building on the ground floor, so that hotel guests can can walk through in a bathrobe and use the facilities after a separate entrance fee. The capacity of the hotel is as per the invitation to tender. 160 of the 200 room units are standard 20 of which can be interconnected, 10 premium rooms and 30 suites. The hotel's general floor plan is a five-storey hotel with a central staircase-elevator core.

Separation of vehicular, cycling and pedestrian traffic in public spaces pedestrians and cyclists. A key element in achieving this objective is the pedestrianisation of the raised level, landscaped central square with water ramps, which will be the focal point of three public buildings and the entire development. of the entire development.

Deep foundations for the large span structural elements of the buildings, other structural elements and the of the structural elements of the buildings. The large span hall structures are supported and roof slab structures are made of steel, other small span elements are made of monolithic or prefabricated steel. prefabricated reinforced concrete structures.

According to the zoning plan, the planning area is classified as a recreational area with the zoning code Kb-r-18X4. According to the zoning regulations, the the applicable building type is free-standing, with a minimum new plot size of The maximum building area for new plots is 2500 m2 , the maximum building coverage is 10% and the maximum building height is 10,5 m. The building parameters are limited to the primary planning area and the development on it, as defined in the facilities specified in the design programme -Aquapark, Sports Hall, Multifunctional Hall, Hotel, Covered parking.

Primary planning area: 31.7 hectares
Build-up 14.77%
Green coverage 71%
No built-up area below ground level.
Floor area ratio 17.47%
Building height 14.80 m.

Parking balance
Aquapark 1000 persons / 5 persons/1 car = 200 car
Sports pool 1000 persons / 15 persons/1 car = 67 car
Multifunctional hall 5000 persons / 15 persons / 1 car = 333 car
Hotel 200 rooms / 1 room/1 car = 200 car
Total car parking needs: 800 car
Capacity of the planned central covered car park: 820 car

The secondary planning area is proposed to be used as a residential area, with in order to strengthen the financial basis for central development and avoid a a 'dormitory town' of only public housing. Around the central ring are 18 buildings free-standing F+3 storey semi-detached residential buildings with a total of 140 apartments. Extending the central-radius road network with average plot sizes of 1600 -2000 m2 we have planned a free-standing detached housing zone with 88 dwellings.


Our plan is based on renewable, low operating cost, sustainable, renewable energy sources At this stage of the preparation of the development, a more precise operational analysis could not yet be provided by the investor, but the call for tender the requirements set out in the call for tender. These are:
∗ Zero energy balance,
∗ a maximum of 100 KWh/m2 and a minimum energy efficiency of BB,
∗ to meet one of the LEED/BREEAM/DGNB/EU-Green Building certifications of one of the LEED/BE Green Building standards, ∗ compliance with the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) guidelines,
∗ pursuing a "Green" architectural concept that takes into account the natural environmental values,
∗ the use of ecological materials and construction, with particular attention to the use of ecological building materials during construction minimising the ecological footprint of the construction process,
∗ "environmental sustainability", with emphasis on carbon neutral operation,
∗ "sustainable use",
∗ "sustainable use", with emphasis on environmentally responsible use of materials, chemical-free, mostly self-cleaning designs,
∗ technological innovations in the construction of roofing and façades,
∗ the use of the use of geothermal energy, and the use of geothermal energy in the heating and cooling of the interiors of buildings systems.


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