Detroit Waterfront District

Mixed Use Development

The main goal of our design was to further initiate and inspire the re-development of Downtown Detroit, and to act as a pilot project. We investigated the question how to make the city more attractive to residents and tourists using architecture. It shall act as a local landmark and to indicate the centre of the regeneration.

Social Change
We believe that positive social change can happen if residents are offered a great vision that is open for participation, unites them, and gives them a worthwhile goal that they can pursue. In the process, people inherit a sense of meaning and become goal oriented in life. Inclusion will be a key aspect of the project if it manages to get sufficient traction and institutional support.

Building Massing
The architectural composition of the design consists three twisting triangular towers interconnected at the pinnacle with a sky lobby. The twisting of the towers in different orientations are meant to create a dramatic spatial experience. The interconnecting sky lobby will serve as the recreation hub of the residential tower. The podiums of the towers are separated from the towers itself to create an intimate urban space with restaurants and cafes at the ground floor. There is vibrant urban space is a key feature of our design and is envisioned to become a mixed-use city centre.

The recreational and common facilities of the hotel are placed on the adjacent 2 podiums. These include multi-function ballrooms, dining halls, all-day dining areas, cafes, and a rooftop bar (placed high level with great views). Hotel rooms are to be designed according to the requirements of the operator. It shall have a matching elegant and chic interior. Quality materials such as natural stones and steel and rough timber is envisioned to achieve a timeless spirit. All common areas shall have durable materials and timeless design. Themed restaurants will complement the design and ensure the venues are popular. Some rooms are designed to be interconnected to create 4 bed units from 2 bed units. Residential Tower Each floor contains 3 large (3 bedroom) and 3 smaller (1 bedroom) apartments. The upper floors contain the luxurious penthouse units. At the ground floor we envision to have the entrance lobby with 24-hour concierge service, security desk and some additional F&B services.

Office Towers

For the office tower we envision flexible open plan office layouts. The layouts will be determined by the needs of the actual tenants. The flexibility is important so that the available floor plate can be divided into smaller units or the whole floor to be kept for a large tenant. By keeping the structure near the windows, we can avoid having internal columns and therefore the building will have maximum flexibility.

The main structural element of the design is the circular shaped tower core. It is made of reinforced concrete and contains 2 fire escape stairs, 1 cargo and 3 separate passenger elevators. It also contains multiple MEP (electrical, ventilation, building services etc..) shafts. The other key structural element is the external triangulated column system that supports both the façade and the interconnecting slabs. It will give lateral stability and shall withstand the horizontal wind loads and seismic forces.

One Important function of the building is to have leisure areas. Such function cannot exist without generous infinity pools, which are provided for various purposes. At the rooftop, the building offers 4 different pools: one for leisure, one for children, a 33m lap pool, and jacuzzi. These are exclusively for the residential tower. The hotel tower also features a podium-top level infinity pool and a casual leisure pool and a jacuzzi.


We emphasise the vertical arrangement of the towers by expressing the vertical mullions. We envision triple glazing between the mullions to enhance the thermal performance of the building envelope. The twisting effect will be further emphasised by this elevation approach. These vertical double mullions are to be covered with thermally insulated aluminium panels. For thermal insulation Rockwool or glass wool is preferred, due to fireproofing considerations. Horizontal transoms are not expressed on the facade to reduce its visual impact. Back painted glass infill panels are envisioned to cover the slab areas. These shall have the appearance of the vision glazing above, to reduce facade “clutter”. 


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